The City is taking drastic measures to end illegal short term rentals in Mont-Tremblant. The City is closely cooperating with the Corporation of the tourism industry in Quebec, Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ) in a campaign to bring public awareness on the legal obligation of obtaining a classification certificate for renting out one’s residence for short terms (31 days or less) as a tourism property. As a first step of the campaign, the City is including a notice to underline that obligation inserted in 2017 tax bills to property owners.

The CITQ issues those certificates only for residences within areas where the municipality’s zoning bylaws allow residential short term rentals with required proof. The process is explained on the CITQ website:

The notices sent to Mont-Tremblant property owners also warn of consequential penalties for infractions with recently raised fines that range from $2,500 to $100,000 per day.

The mailing with the CITQ flyer is said to be a « pilot project », being the first step in a campaign designed to solve a problem that has plague the city for years. The City assures it wants to avoid costly court cases as well disputes over short-term rentals such as the one it’s currently in with the Refuge du Cerf.

The CITQ is authorized to emit warnings to non-compliant owners but cannot issue financial penalties. It can only refer non-compliance cases to authorities who will deliver notice of fines.

Clearly, the Tourism Ministry is putting an end to illegal short term rentals throughout the province with the close collaboration of the City of Mont-Tremblant.