Increasingly more dedicated cyclists are taking to the trails on their Fat Bikes in Mont Tremblant, which are bicycles with extra-large tires. However, it’s important that visitors here enjoying their Tremblant vacation, know that not all trails are open to these ‘Giants’ on the snow. It’s also important to know what rules need to be followed.

Sharing the trails
The trails in Tremblant are used by many people including cross-country skiers, hikers, and people snowshoeing. And, because fat bikes are bigger and heavier their users must follow the basic rules of courtesy and yield to others using the trails.

Respect for the trails
The tires of Fat Bikes must be at least 3.5 inches wide and hold no more than 10 pounds of air pressure (PSI), to maintain a smooth rolling surface and to keep from gouging the trail. In a nutshell, if your tires start to sink into the ground, you need to leave the trail.

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